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What Is The Best Time of the Year for a Destination Wedding in Portugal?

Updated: Apr 17

We are often being asked what is the best time of the year to get married in Portugal. The wedding season typically starts in April and ends in October, with May until September being the most steady months in terms of weather conditions.

Besides the weather, your decision about your preferred wedding date or month may also depend on your budget and on how much time you want to plan ahead. In this article we will talk you through the seasons in Portugal and what to expect in terms of weather, prices and planning.

Groom holding bride in his arm while they kiss at the beach

Spring in Portugal

Spring in Portugal typically starts early, with nature awakening by the end of February. 🌦🌧🌦🌧⛅️March and April can still be a little unpredictable, with occasional rains and increasing temperatures.

By May, the weather becomes warmer and can feel like summer, although temperatures can drop drastically after sunset. For those envisioning an al fresco dinner and dancing under the stars, it may be better to opt for the high-summer months.

💰💰While nature is flourishing, March and April are still considered low to mid-season for weddings and events. On the other hand, May is considered a high-season month for weddings and events in Portugal. Accommodation rates will increase during Spring, but may still be more affordable compared to the high season months for tourism

📆 Available dates venue and vendors: If you are planning your destination wedding in Portugal in the months of March and April, you will need a 6 to 12 months planning period prior to your wedding. In case you want to get married in May, we advise to start looking into venues 12 months prior to your wedding date.

Summer in Portugal

☀️☀️From June until September (but we actually would include October as well) are high-summer months in Portugal.

Although most couples are hoping for sun and a clear blue sky on their wedding/celebration day, it is technically possible to get too much of sun in Portugal during the summer months.

In the infographic below, swipe right ➡️ to discover what you need know about planning a summer wedding in Portugal.

💰💰💰💰 Expect the highest rates, not only for accommodation, wedding packages and venues, but also vendors may work with different (higher) prices as a result of the high demand for specific services.

📆 Start planning your destination wedding in Portugal at least 12 months prior to your desired wedding date/month, if you are planning to get married during summer. If you have a specific date in mind, you may wish to start with your venue search even sooner (12-18 months planning period)

Autumn in Portugal

☀️🌤 While days are getting shorter, September and October are typically referred to as ´after-summer´months in Portugal. During the day the sun provides comfortable warmth, while evenings usually are little bit more chilli after sunsets. Just like during Spring, the evenings may not be suitable for an outdoor dinner setting, but with some good heaters, cosy blankets and a stylish Bedouine tent, you still may enjoy the magic of an outdoor dinner at this time of the year.

Until mid November, the weather can be suprisingly summerish, thanks to the ´summer of Saint Martin´ (o verão de São Martim).

💰💰💰 Whereas September and October are considered high-weddingseason months, it will most likely be less crowded with tourists and this may reflect in the prices of accommodations, especially in October.

📆 As September is actually the most requested wedding month and many venues and vendors (including us) run fast out of available dates, you should start the planning of your wedding or celebration in Portugal at least 12-18 months in advance.

Winter in Portugal

🌧🌦⛅️Whereas November can be still very mild and even summerish, December, January and February are the months with the lowest temperatures. From an average of 10ºC in the North of Portugal, 11,5 in ºC in Lisbon and 14ºC in the Algarve.

The rains in the North of Portugal are during the winter more frequent and abundant, comparing to the South of Portugal.

💰The winter months are considered low-season for weddings and events in Portugal, which make them very attractive for organising a budget friendly and super cosy celebration.

📆 If you are planning to get married during the low-season (from November until March), we recommend start planning your wedding 6 months in advance. Not because it wouldn't be feasible to plan and prepare your wedding on a shorter notice, but just for you to enjoy the journey and pre-weddingplanning fun.

Portugal´s Off Season Secrets

We have seen a major shift over the last years towards off-season travelling. Travellers are no longer seeking for optimal weather conditions only (read: beach-proof weather), but starting to embrace the beauty of the seasons. Besides that, tourists increasingly looking to move away from the crowd, which tends to be a lot easier off-season than during high-season.

If you choose Portugal to be your destination for your wedding or celebration, we have some season secrets for you. Or better, off-season secrets:

🤍 November is the month of the 'verão São Martinho (St.Martin's summer), known as after-summer as a gift from God. Good weather, topped with roasted chestnuts, figs and red wine, typically for celebrating the good Portuguese life.

🤍 The month of December still counts quite some days with blue skies and temperatures around 18-20 degrees. Add up the magical Christmas decoration in the cities and take in the good vibes of the most wonderful time of the year.

🤍 Are you more into a winter wonderland wedding? Did you know that in January until March the Serra da Estrela mountain (the highest mountain range in Portugal) is usually covered in snow?

In conclusion, the best time of the year for a destination wedding in Portugal is:

  • For sun-lovers between May and September:

  • For budget conscious couples in October, November or April:

  • For eco-conscious couples from November until March.

So tell us dear, what would be your ideal season or month for your celebration or wedding?



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