Hello and nice to welcome you to Portugal


values & vows

Our mission

is true happiness

Your happiness is our number one priority!

We simply care more about the abundant celebration of love, rather than fussing over the tiny details of styling. We care more about the amount of joy, laughter, happy tears, relaxed party vibes and room for lots of spontaneity, we care more about you and your loved ones experiencing the authentic Portugal lifestyle with all its beauty to share, as we know that that will be exactly what you will remember one day. You will remember what really matters, it’s not so much the what, but it’s in the how. That's what we call ´creating precious memories´. Those memories will not be made of all that glitter. They will be made of emotions. 

 Don't get us wrong, we love and set a beautiful ambience. That is why we love Portugal and all the wedding venues that we have proudly partnered with. We mostly love to see everyone having the best time of his/her life.
And that, dears, simply doesn't depend on the scented paper of your stationary or perfect Pinterest-worthy centrepieces. Yes, as Wedding Planners we are perfectly capable of organising all that and we take away all your doubts and make it a stress-free ride. But our definition of true beauty we find in the imperfection.

There is a crack. There is a crack in everything...That’s how the magical light gets in.

About us


Marleen - Founder

Linda - Co-founder

Our key-values

Work hard, laugh often | share the hidden gems of Portugal, we are crazily in love with this country | personal connection | out-of-the-box | memory collectors


Dutch turned pretty much Portuguese


Quality-seeker | imaginator | positive | feet-down, hands-on | open-minded | open-hearted 


Dutch turned pretty much Portuguese


Possiblelist | organizer | open-minded | ​quality-seeker | sportive | big dreamer & thinker