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A 4-step Guide to Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Venue in Portugal

Updated: Jan 18

We often discuss the quest for the Ideal Venue rather than the Perfect Venue, and there's a valid rationale behind this distinction.

It's not a reflection of any doubt regarding the quality of wedding venues in Portugal. Quite the opposite, in fact. We firmly believe that Portugal boasts some of the highest standards in hospitality and service. With its diverse range of picturesque settings that can complement various wedding themes, Portugal is undeniably a stellar wedding destination.

Bride & Groom walking out the lane of an olive grove in Portugal. Bride holds bridal bouquet up high in the sky

Choosing the perfect wedding venue in Portugal isn't just about aesthetics; it's about harmonizing dreams with budget constraints. This article delves into the intricacies of the venue search process, emphasizing the importance of priorities and meticulous planning.


Table of Contents:


What does The Perfect Wedding Venue look like to you?

Venue search is not only about finding the most beautiful wedding venue.

It is also about finding the venue that you can afford, that provides all conditions and facilities that you require and a venue that is within your search area.

When organising a destination wedding in Portugal (or any other country) you most likely will also look into other facilities, such as:

  • Accommodation included in the venue or at least in the surrounding area of the venue;

  • The possibility to host a pre- and postwedding event in the same venue;

  • Privacy or exclusivity, which means that the venue (included accommodation) will be exclusively at your disposal.

So, back to the question ´how to find your ideal wedding venue in Portugal´, we have compiled the following 4-step Guide for you.

STEP 1 - Set your priorities

In the pursuit of your dream wedding, understanding your priorities is paramount. Before diving into the vast array of venues, establish what matters most to you.

⚠️Skipping this crucial initial step and plunging directly into the venue search may lead you into a labyrinth of amenities, facilities, and conditions, each appearing equally significant, and potentially overwhelming. This may result in poor-quality decision making.

  1. First and foremost, establish a clear budget and prioritize key elements that matter most to you. If you haven´t downloaded our Free Budget Simulation, grab it here to get sense of your budget´s worth in Portugal.

  2. Consider essential factors such as:

  • Required capacity

  • Accessibility

  • Distance from airport

  • In and outdoor spaces

  • Flexibility in terms of vendors

  • Time restrictions

  • Budget

  • Venue style

  • Desired ambience

  1. Organize and rank these criteria according to their significance to your dream wedding.

STEP 2 - Start the Venue Search & Selection

Now that you have clarity on what you are looking for, you can start your search. While wedding planners can offer guidance, the success of your search hinges on your clarity and feedback. Clearly communicate your expectations and provide feedback on presented venues. We recommend to select two to three venues for further exploration and comparison.

In case you have decided to plan your destination wedding in Portugal all by yourself, you may find out that your online search always results in showing the same venues, mainly in Lisbon area and the Algarve. If you want to extend your search, you may want to try the following keywords in Google: Quinta, Solar, Herdade, Monte. And don't forget to check out our handpicked selection of venues on our venue page.

STEP 3 - Start Comparing the Un-comparable

As you narrow down your choices, you will discover that it is hard to compare venues as they are all unique, not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of conditions and pricing. Remember that to find the perfect wedding venue in Portugal doesn't necessarily mean finding the venue that matches all your boxes and budget. We won't say that is impossible, but often a venue selection is to find the venue that matches your budget and most of your boxes.

The one question that will help you through this stage is:

Ask yourself ´How important is .....` followed by your criteria.

  • Budget: the most obvious one. The question is; ´how important it is to stay within your budget?´ Some venues come with a high venue fee, a mandatory full house booking of 3 nights or even one week. Other venues work with an exclusive caterer that requires a good part of your budget to be reserved for food and beverages.

  • Accommodation: how important it is to have enough rooms for all my guests? Or can you be happy with having just your inner circle staying near to you?

  • Multiple days: ask yourself how important it is to celebrate a multiple-day event with a pre-wedding cocktail and post-wedding BBQ for instance. Some venues don't provide this option, others do but charge another fee for those extra days:

  • Distance from airport: how important it is to have the venue within 45-minutes drive from the airport, not only for you but also for your guests?

Evaluate the significance of staying within budget, ensuring ample accommodation, hosting extended celebrations, and convenience for you and your guests.

STEP 4 - Schedule Venue Visits

If you are able to come to Portugal at this stage of the wedding planning, we definitely advise to do so. In that case, make appointments and reconfirm those appointments a few days prior to your visit (very important!). Also ask your wedding planner or the location manager if you can make a pre-reservation of your preferred wedding date, to avoid the risk that the venue will no longer be available by the time of your visit.

As we said before, we advise to visit two or three venues. When your homework and pre-selection is done right, you will be able to choose the best matching venue from this final selection.

For those not being able to travel to Portugal for visiting a few venues, we recommend to schedule virtual venue tours instead.

Now that you have done your research, you will have a good idea on what Portugal has to offer in your search area, fitting your style and matching your budget. This will ultimately enable you to come to a well- informed decision on your ideal wedding venue.

Do you still feel you can use some help or guidance to find the perfect wedding venue in Portugal? Besides our full wedding planning service, we provide the option to book a venue-consultation with us. Click here to get in touch with us today.



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