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Discover the Portuguese landscape from North to South and find the perfect backdrop for your wedding

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Congratulations! You have chosen one of the most beautiful countries in Portugal to get married.

Your next big decision is choosing the right location.

But how do you choose the right place for your destination wedding in a country you may not know that well or perhaps even not know at all?

Because Portugal´s landscape is so diverse from North to South (and let´s not forget the Portuguese islands), we have compiled this guide to help you filter down the search area and save a good amount of time in ultimately finding your ideal venue.

Welcome to Portugal.

Monument of Discovery in Lisbon

The Portuguese landscape offers a wide variety of backdrops. From North until the South of Portugal, here is what you will typically find.

North, South, East, West

Are you a real nature (and wine) lover? You will definitely fall in love with the bountiful natural beauty of Portugal’s lush northern region. The landscape is dramatic and unspoilt, with fascinating medieval villages, historic castles and spectacular mountain ranges to encounter.

A verdant landscape of terraced vineyards and grand estates, flanked by the Douro river which extends all the way from the Spanish border to the charming city of Porto.

In terms of venues you will find beautiful ´Quintas´ who originally belong to wine houses, providing exclusive views over the vineyards and overlooking the Douro river.

Vineyards with view to the Douro River in North Portugal

The west coast of Portugal is home to many fisher towns and mondaine seaside resorts in Estoril and Cascais. Tourism and Portuguese authenticity go side by side, providing visitors a true Portuguese experience. Thanks to the Atlantic Ocean it never gets too hot during the summer. Get mesmerized by Sintra, the town of UNESCO world heritage. Home to the most magnificent venues.

Tip: As this area of Portugal is highly attractive to tourists, expect the prices to be slightly higher, comparing to the North of Portugal. This doesn't only apply to venues, but also vendors.

On the eastern countryside you will find the magical Portuguese Savannah´s - the Alentejo. The vastness of the landscape is dotted with cork oaks and olive trees that withstand time. Santarém is a natural viewpoint over the immensity of the Tagus. Here and there, you find a walled town, such as Marvão or Monsaraz. The Alentejo has a typical dryer and warmer climate during summer months, which is perfect for long and late night outdoor dinners and dancing under the stars.

In this part of Portugal you will find typical Alentejano style farmhouse venues, surrounded by cork oak plantages, pine trees and olive grooves.

Bride and groom in the middle of an olive groove in the Alentejo, Portugal.

Before we hop over to the South of Portugal, we first have to mention the Portuguese islands; Madeira and the Azores. Madeira is not typically the right place for beach lovers, but outdoor enthousiasts will most surely be impressed with the dramatic rock formations, colourful reefs and waterfalls.

The Azores is formed by a group of 9 volcanic islands with breathtaking views. São Miguel is the largest island and offers a greener than green biodiverse landscape.

Tip: go over to our Portugal venue page to check out the Azoren venues we have selected for you.

Hided bay flanked by rock formations in the Algarve, Portugal

Last but not least, the most southern (famous, ánd crowded) part of Portugal - the Algarve. The southern coast of Portugal is famous for the most beautiful coastlines of Europe with luxurious beaches. Tourists discovered the Algarve long time ago, which has shaped the Algarve into a pretty touristic and well explored resort.

It is a matter of personal taste, but we feel more attracted by the interior part of the Algarve, with its granite walls and roman terraces, where you can still find the typical Portuguese ambiance.

Guided by your preferred surroundings and backdrop, you have now chosen your ideal location for your destination wedding in Portugal.

Don't forget to leave a comment below and let us know which region of Portugal is your favourite.



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