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Wedding Planning | The Biggest Mistake Almost All Couples Make

Updated: Jan 5

If you would only know how much wedding planning stress you could save yourself by avoiding this mistake that almost all couples make once they start the wedding planning journey.....

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If you would only know, you would continue to read this article - even if it feels boring or pretty unromantic.

Romance is in the air

You wonder why almost everyone makes this wedding planning mistake? Because it requires a little bit of discipline to do some proper homework first and admittedly, this is a pretty boring and not-so-romantic part of planning your wedding. But skipping this step will undoubtedly lead to stress and discussions while you are planning one of the most beautiful days of your life which for sure won´t do any good for the romance either.

Picture this: You're engaged, love is in the air, and visions of a fairytale wedding in Portugal dance in your heads. It's tempting to start making Pinterest boards and scrolling through wedding inspiration and this is exactly what most couples do. After their engagement, they dive straight into the wedding planning process and start shopping. Unexperienced and unprepared. For any other occasion, everyone would understand that this would be the perfect recipe for troubles, but when it comes to a wedding we see everything through pink glasses.

The mistake that we are talking about? Most couples skip the crucial step of budget planning. Budget planning is the backbone of the wedding planning. A properly planned budget is the roadmap of the wedding planning journey. You will not only have a destination (the maximum amount you are willing to spend on your Big Day), but you will also have a clear itinerary to ensure that you will take the shortest, most (cost) efficient route.

In this blog, we'll explore why budgeting is the unsung hero of wedding planning and how overlooking it can lead to unnecessary stress and financial woes.


Travelling without a clear destination and itinerary may sound adventurous, but trust us - this is not the kind of adventure you want for your wedding planning journey.

In the first place you have to be honest on what you can afford and the maximum amount you want to spend on your wedding. Secondly, you will have to allocate the funds before you do anything else. And that, my dears, that is absolutely boring but a much-needed step if you want to avoid worries and stress around your wedding finances.

Map of Europe with an itinerary from The Netherlands to Portugal

Why Doing Boring Stuff?

Should wedding planning not be about having fun and joy, you might think?

Absolutely! When done right, wedding planning is a fun and joyful journey to one of the most beautiful days of your lives. Meaning, when you are well prepared and well equipped for the journey.

Why Budgeting Matters:

  1. Avoiding Financial Stress: One of the primary reasons couples argue is over finances. By establishing a budget plan early on, you can prevent unnecessary strain on your relationship and ensure you're on the same page financially.

  2. Setting Realistic Expectations: It's easy to get carried away with grand ideas, but a budget keeps things grounded. Knowing what you can afford helps you make informed decisions, ensuring your wedding is both beautiful and within your means. A wedding planner can be of great help. Especially when it comes to a destination wedding in Portugal, you may not have a clear idea of your budget´s worth. Also, make sure you read this article about The Costs of a Destination Wedding in Portugal and download our Budget Simulation below with an example of how funds are typically allocated.

  3. Prioritizing What Matters Most: A budget allows you to allocate funds to the aspects of your wedding that matter most to you. Whether it's a dream venue, a fabulous dress, or a killer band, knowing your budget helps you prioritize and allocate funds accordingly.

  4. Avoiding Post-Wedding Regrets: Overspending can lead to buyer's remorse once the wedding is over. Setting a budget helps you make choices you won't regret and ensures you start your married life on solid financial ground.

Did you recently get engaged (congratulations lovely!) or are you still at the beginning of the wedding planning journey? Lucky you, because you can give yourself the gift to save yourself a great dose of wedding planning stress by starting your wedding planning journey in the right place with a proper Wedding Budget Plan. Unsure how to do this? Sign up for the Master Your Budget Program that will be launched soon.

To get you started, we share our best practices for Budgeting Success:

👉 Start Early: Begin the wedding planning process with an open and honest conversation about your budget. It may not be the most romantic topic, but it's a crucial one.

👉 Do Your Research: Understand the average costs of wedding elements in Portugal. This will give you a realistic idea of what to expect and help you set a practical budget.

👉 Create a Detailed Budget: Break down your budget into categories like venue, catering, attire, and decorations. This detailed approach ensures you're accounting for all expenses and minimizes the risk of overspending. Think of the most efficient travel itinerary.

👉 Be Realistic: While it's natural to want the best for your special day, be realistic about what you can afford. Remember that a beautiful wedding is about celebrating your love, not breaking the bank.

In the whirlwind of wedding planning, don't let the allure of the perfect day cloud your judgment. Taking the time to establish a realistic budget may not be as glamorous as picking out flowers or trying on dresses, but it is the key to a stress-free and financially sound wedding experience. By avoiding the biggest wedding planning mistake that couples make— skipping a proper budget analysis—you set the stage for a wedding that is not only magical but also financially responsible, allowing you to embark on your happily ever after with peace of mind.


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