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Discover The Finest Portuguese Wines from Lisbon & Alenquer for Your Destination Wedding

Calling all wine-loving couples ready to embark on a journey of taste and romance!

Join us as we uncork the secrets to selecting the finest Portuguese wines for your unforgettable destination wedding.

Rose wine in different glasses with rose coloured flowers

Discover The Finest Portuguese Wines from Lisbon & Alenquer Region for your Destination Wedding

For those who want to infuse the best of Portugal into their destination wedding experience, they will find in Portugal a haven of exquisite craftmanship and local brands that can add an authentic and meaningful touch to your wedding.

In this series – Discover Portugal – we will share local treasures that come together to create a celebration that transcends borders and resonates with the authenticity of your love story.

Choosing wines from Portugal, with their rich history and unique flavours, can infuse your destination wedding with a sense of place and authenticity. Imagine toasting to your love with a glass of crisp Vinho Verde or savoring the velvety notes of a robust Douro red as you dance under the stars. By incorporating Portuguese wines into your wedding experience, you not only treat your guests to an unforgettable culinary journey but also create lasting memories imbued with the spirit of this enchanting country.

Portugal's winemaking tradition is like a storybook, passed down through generations with love and care. The country is divided in 14 wine regions. In this article we will highlight popular Portuguese wines to be served on weddings from the Lisbon & Alenquer region. So come, uncork a bottle, and let Portugal enchant you with its wines, revealing the true essence of romance and terroir.

Wines from Lisbon & Alenquer Region

The Lisbon wine region, stretching along the Atlantic Ocean and strongly influenced by its climate, is famous for its wide variety of wines, including white, red, and rosé, as well as Brandy and Vinho Leve, ensuring there's something for everyone. These wines are known for their low alcohol content, while the fortified ones offer a delightful balance of sweetness and acidity, perfect for enjoying as an aperitif or a digestif after dinner.

For this article, we had the great pleasure of collaborating with the in-house sommelier of Pateo Velho Catering, a seasoned wedding and event catering company based in Alenquer, with two restaurants in Lisbon and Atalaia where couples are invited for tastings.

Waiter poors a glass of rose wine

Wines for Weddings

On your wedding day, every detail matters, and the choice of wine plays a significant role. Beyond simply complementing the meal, wine adds an extra layer of sophistication and romance to the celebration. It's a reflection of your taste as a couple and an opportunity to share a piece of your journey with your guests while

infusing Portuguese flavours into the destination wedding experience.

During the menu tasting, you'll have the opportunity to sample several wines that pair best with your tasting menu. Typically, an in-house sommelier will guide you through this experience.

As you plan your menu and select wines, it's important to consider not only your own taste preferences but also those of your guests and your budget. While a selection of wines is usually included in the menu price, you may also have the option to choose from a larger wine collection, however this may have an additional cost. It's essential to be mindful of this when making your decisions, as a seemingly small amount per guest still can impact the budget significantly.

Opting for wines with approachable flavors and a wide appeal is key when catering to a diverse group of guests. You'll want to strike a balance between sophistication and accessibility, ensuring that each sip leaves a lasting impression without overwhelming the palate.

Besides the wines being served with the dinner, the catering service usually includes lighter wines for the cocktail service prior to the dinner.

This selection of the top 5 best white and red Portuguese wines for your destination wedding is curated based on exceptional price-to-quality ratio and approachable flavours.

Top 5 Portuguese White Wines from the Lisbon & Alenquer Region

  1. Viosinho 2020 – Quinta de Chocapalha: This aromatic white wine offers a bouquet of peaches, green apple and floral notes, with a refreshing acidity that pairs beautifully with seafood and light fare.

  2. Viognier Reserva 2020 – Quinta Lagar Novo: Elegant and very balanced wine, it represents well the profile of the grape variety. Light straw color with an roma of fresh fruit, dried flowers, and a hint of peach. This white wine perfectly pairs with white meats, fish, seafood, soft cheeses, and sushi.

  3. Chardonnay Reserva 2022 – Quinta Lagar Novo: A well-rounded chardonnay from Alenquer. Its enticing bouquet offers aromas of pear and apple with a hint of smoke. This wine pairs deliciously with crustaceans, firm sea fish, white meat in butter-based sauces, and ripe creamy white mold cheeses.

  4. Barca do Inferno Reserva 2020 – Quinta do Garrido: The Barca do Inferno Reserva is a brilliant wine from the Alenquer region with stone fruit and mineral notes. It pairs well with vegetarian dishes, grilled poultry, and soft or semi-hard cheeses.

  5. Quinta do Pinto Estate Collection 2021 – Quinta do Pinto: This Estate Collection white wine exudes elegance, with intense aromas of citrus fruit, stone fruit, and subtle notes of tea, perfectly combined with hints of honey and a slight salinity.

Glass of white wine on top of a wine barrel with white grapes

Top 5 Portuguese Red Wines from the Lisbon & Alenquer Region

  1. Barca do Inferno Reserva 2010 – Quinta do Garrido: This bold red wine showcases the best of Alenquer terroir, unveiling layers of black fruit with notes of vanilla and dark chocolate. This wine goes very good with red meats and poultry, superb with game dishes.

  2. Quinta de Pancas Reserva 2018 – Quinta de Pancas: This rich dark red wine from the Alenquer region has complex aromas of stewed black fruit and notes of spices, blackcurrant, and tobacco, making it a perfect wine for red roasted meats, game dishes.

  3. Quinta do Pinto Estate Collection – Quinta do Pinto: This Estate Collection red wine is a blend of four varieties of grapes and combined with an aroma highlighted by ripe red fruit notes, as well as dark chocolate and toasty nuances from barrel aging. It goes perfect with beef, veal, poultry and pasta based dishes.

  4. Quinta do Convento Reserva 2018 – Quinta do Convento: This deep ruby coloured has aromas of wild fruits, anise, rockrose, and a slight smokiness. It pairs well with dishes that are not overly spicy or with light dishes featuring white meats.

  5. Quinta do Monte d’Oiro 2019 – Quinta do Monte d’Oiro: Known for its elegance and finesse, this red wine captivates the senses with its aromatic bouquet with notes of red fruits. The Monte D'Oiro Red is a very versatile wine to accompany cheeses and cured meats.

Hills with vineyard and white tower on top of the hill

(Quinta do Convento, Alenquer Portugal can also be booked as wedding venue. For more information, follow this link)

As you embark on the journey of planning your destination wedding, let these Portuguese wines of Lisbon and Alenquer be your guide to creating unforgettable memories. From the first toast to the last dance, each sip will be a celebration of love, romance, and the timeless beauty of Portugal's winemaking heritage.

Raise a glass to new beginnings and let the magic of these exquisite wines weave its spell on your special day.

Cheers to love and happiness!


Disclaimer: This article does not contain any affiliate links or sponsored content. All information provided is purely for informational purposes and reflects the writer's genuine opinions and experiences.



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