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10 Portuguese Songs for Your Destination Wedding in Portugal

Updated: Mar 22

If you are looking into giving your destination wedding in Portugal a truly Portuguese vibe, then you should definitely consider to add Portuguese music to your wedding day. Whether you choose to have live music or pre-recorded music, we have compiled a top 10 of the most beautiful Portuguese songs to consider for your Destination wedding experience in Portugal.

Phone with Hello Portugal Spotify Playlist, a headset and notebook

1. Quem me dera - Mariza

~ I wish ~

A fado song about longing for love to be answered, during all the seasons of the year.

(Listen song here)

2. Amor para vida toda - Carolina Deslandes

~ Love for a lifetime ~

"When our son will grow up, I will tell him how we met, how we went for dinner and how you took my hand. I will tell him how we felt in love. And it was then, right then, that I knew this was love for a lifetime."

(Listen song here)

3. Para Sempre - Dengaz, Seu Jorge

~ Forever ~

"Forever in my heart, nothing can take you away from me. I will go with you wherever you go and I just want to see you smile. "

(Listen song here)

4. Amar pelos Dois - Salvador Sobral

~ Loving for two ~

Winning song of the Eurovision Songcontest in 2017. A sensitive song about the continuous search for a lost love. "I will give you all the time for you to understand that one can't love alone. Meanwhile, my heart can love for the both of us."

(Listen song here)

5. Trevo - Anavitória (ok, originally Brazilian, but as it is such a beautiful song, it cannot miss on this list)

~ Clover ~

" You are a four-leaf clover, you are a rare and good conversation on a Sunday morning, you are a piece of dream that makes we want to wake up for life."

(Listen song here)

6. Cupido - Luísa Sobral

~ Cupido ~

"You came quietly, straight to the heart. I don´t know if it was destiny. I don´t know if it exists or not. Or was it cupido´s arrow?"

(Listen song here)

7. Andorinhas - Ana Moura

~ Swallows ~ A beautiful Portuguese song about the Portuguese symbol for spring, love, hope, luck and fertility - the swallows.

8. Areia fina - Tiago Nacarato & Fran

~ Thin sand ~ "Where the wind brings me."

9. Gaivota - Amália Rodrigues

~ Seagull ~

What a perfect heart

In my chest would beat

My love in your hand

In those hands

Where my heart fitted perfectly

(Listen song here)

10. A nossa vez - Calema & A.N.V

~ Our turn ~

"I want to be by your side forever

Relax and let me make you smile

It's by your side that I feel different

It's by your side, only yours"

Don't forget to check out our Spotify account (Hello Portugal), loaded with Portuguese-only music and don't forget to share your favourite song with us.


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13 sept 2023

this is a good web.

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Miembro desconocido
08 jul 2023

Including Portuguese music in your destination wedding in Portugal is a wonderful way to infuse a local and authentic vibe into your special day. Portuguese music is rich in culture and emotions, and it can add a unique touch to the wedding atmosphere. And for the popularity of Portuguese songs to grow, you can buy 500 Soundcloud Followers -

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