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Groom poors in a glass of champagne to the bride


The Cake

"Remember that the Happiest People
are not those Getting More, but those Giving More"

H. Jackson Brown Jr. - writer

Decorated wedding dinner table

Food for Thought

Abundance versus poverty. 

We can't change the entire world, but that doesn't stop us from trying to make small differences for those in need. 

We have established special agreements with, certified catering companies that we work with, in making it possible for a left over but still delicious meal to be befittingly presented to a local institution.

Contact us for more information or talk with your caterer, who will be more than happy to help.

Two hands holding a heart symbolizing share the love foundation

Share the Love

If you want to make a positive impact, you can consider several Portuguese charities to help them making a change in the society. 

Follow this link to discover Portuguese Charities

Guest gives big hug to bride

Floral Fun 

Colour up the local retirement home by donating your flowers.

Ask your florist or venue to help you with the distribution of your wedding flowers the day after your wedding.  

Dog portrait

For Dog-Lovers


The best lessons  in 'unconditional love' we can learn in life are being taught to us by dogs. And because happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail.


MBrace is a small project of handcrafted bracelets that supports a shelter in Northern Portugal. This shelter was chosen because of its wide orientation. Besides taking care of  stray dogs, they run sterilisation programs, provide education, and are politically active in this area.

Bride & groom on the beach by sunset

Clean Beaches


A foundation based in central Portugal, making a contribution to cleaner beaches whilst being actively involved in raising public awareness. 

 “We love the Portuguese beaches and especially our Lagoon at Óbidos. We organise beach clean-ups, educational activities and environmental initiatives on a small scale, focussing on the local effect of our actions.”

Whether you like to be part of a beach clean-up or make a donation, all kind of support is welcome.

Bride & groom kissing under an olive tree

Tree Nation


Nothing else symbolises better what life is about than trees. 

Trees are seen as powerful symbols of growth and resurrection and are said to be homes of spirits. They symbolise love and life and that is exactly what we are celebrating. 

We are part of the Tree-Nation community with the mission to be part of the change to a greener and cleaner world. Have a look at Hello Portugal Forest, or create your own forest in the name of love.

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