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Venue details

Vineyard | authentic | historical

distance from airport

Lisbon airport (LIS) 

70 km - 42 min


12 Rooms - 23 guests


Minimum: 40 guests

Sound regulations

No regulations



about quinta do Convento

This Thousand and One Nights fairytale venue is located in the Serra Montejunto and only 40 minutes from Lisbon airport.

Immersed in history, bound by exquisite beauty and with over 2000 hectares of forest and 16 hectares of vineyard, this venue will be exclusively reserved for you and your guests to spend multiple days as desired.

Discover the secrets and visit one of the many small chapels dotted around the property. Various impressive indoor and outdoor options to celebrate your wedding ceremony, dinner or party.

An extraordinary bridal-suite in the lookout tower with breathtaking views to the mountains, ocean and even the Berlenga Islands on clear days, will make you want to stay forever.

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quinta do convento

Stunning Fairy Tale venue of your dreams with everything you can imagine. Get 'lost' in the quinta´s private forest, discover the  interior swimming pool and SPA facilities, lake, traditional wine cellars and tennis court.

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