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Venue details

Vineyard | manor house

distance from airport

Lisbon airport (LIS) 

48 km - 37 min


No accommodation at the venue, but great options available close to the venue

sound regulations

Until 2 am


Grande Lisbon

about quinta de Picanceira

Quinta de Picanceira was founded in 1883 and is set amidst the beautiful scenery in the Estremadura region, near the Atlantic Ocean and the historical town of Mafra.

The Quinta has belonged to a very old Portuguese aristocratic family for several generations. Lush vineyards and the cultivation of pears, all goes into making up part of this family's traditions and values.


An impressive manor house, stables and old wine cellars transformed in banquet and ballrooms, a picturesque lake and a romantic chalet will offer a unique decor for your Wedding day.


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quinta de picanceira

Traditional vineyard venue with stables and old wine cellars located close by Lisbon airport.

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